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INEXTR Innovation Community

We accelerate innovations –
through transparency and cooperation

The INEXTR Innovation Community connects companies, startups and research institutions
in Europe with a focus on DACH – Germany (D), Austria (A) and Switzerland (CH).

In the community you will not only gain transparency about technologies and new products on the market,
but also access to more than 1000 partner applications from numerous innovative players.






Innovation scouting with the INEXTR Community

Use the INEXTR Innovation Community for your individual innovation scouting. Get information and access to exciting technologies and new project ideas from numerous players in Switzerland, Germany, Austria and beyond via the community.

INEXTR Community for customer and partner acquisition

The INEXTR Innovation Community supports you in finding customers for a product or partners for the next innovation or research project. Simply fill out a partner request and INEXTR will automatically connect you with potential interested parties.

Take advantage of all the benefits of the INEXTR Community

Perspectives and solutions for companies that want to actively shape their future.

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